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22,Gauri Shankar
Shivaji Housing Society
Off Senapati Bapat Road
Pune - 411 016

Tel. : 2563 0272
Mobile : 9422015362

ExpressionS is a web design boutique based in Pune, India.  At ExpressionS, we believe the Internet is all about relationships with living, breathing human beings.

Over the last eight years, ExpressionS has specialized in creating and developing web sites and web services for a various of clients.

Responding to the needs of the client with appropriate technologies & result oriented solutions is our forte. Responding to the changes and needs of the times is our strength. Long term commitments with a sensitive understanding of people is our raison d’etre.

ExpressionS is a lithe, lean & mean outfit. Aggressive yet understanding in our marketing approach, we do not sell our products for the sake of selling.

Combining values of the old economy with the flexibility and cutting edge attitude of the new economy has helped Expressions remain profitable over the years.

ExpressionS has also witnessed many a dot com venture rise and sink. Entirely self funded, ExpressionS has no debts or liabilities and is committed to growing its Internet business in the long term.
At Expressions, we currently do five kinds of projects …

Custom made corporate web sites
We create, conceptualize & develop and maintain web sites for various organizations.  From manufacturing industries to academic institutions.

Creations of ExpressionS
Sharply focused portals offering tremendous value added services for NRIs. Check out our flagship www.punerealestate.com, www.hindumarriage.com, www.drummingworld.com, www.talegaonrealestate.com and www.chakanrealestate.com.

Search Engine Optimization Services
< smart search submission > is India’s No.1 search engine optimization service with a client roster that reads like a who’s who of Indian industry.  < smart search submission > is a sustained one year service to rank your site amongst the highest on more than 500 leading search engines and directories all over the world.

Consultancy & Training
Have a problem about your web site ? Ask us and you can be sure of getting an economic and effective solution. Need hands on training about anything concerning the Internet. Ask us. WebSmart  a basic Internet training program is extremely popular amongst corporates.

Web Design Institute
Learn Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3 & Dreamweaver CS3 & work on LIVE Projects.